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PICLS Lite Update module and Known defects

The thermal simulation tool for printed circuit boards
-Generates results real-time through easy and quick operation in 2D

PICLS is a thermal simulation tool specially designed for thermal simulation of PCBs. PCB modeling can be done easily through simple and quick operation in 2D like E-CAD using layers and PCB manipulating tool. You can import E-CAD data to perform thermal analyses from day 1.

Front loads thermal design processes

PICLS is a simulation tool for designers to perform thermal analyses during upstream design process. Software Cradle’s PICLS is designed to minimize the tasks on design engineers in upstream design phase. Using the tool, design engineers can perform thermal analyses of PCBs during conceptual phase of the development, where drastic design changes are still possible.

front loads thermal design processes

Generates results real-time and visualizes thermal distribution by quick calculation

Using typical thermal analysis tools, longer time is required to calculate and attain simulation results. With PICLS, one click and analysis results can be generated real-time. Through simple setting and fast calculation, thermal distribution can be shown on the spot to evaluate effectiveness of thermal countermeasures.


Downstream design

High performance

The concept of PICLS is to deliver high capability at low cost. PICLS is a perfect tool that can be installed and maintained without difficulty, which is designed to promote more PCB designers to undertake thermal analyses and achieve better product design.


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