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Links with other software


Electromagnetic Field Analysis Software

Using the data output from the electromagnetic analysis software, the effect of heat source distribution due to an electromagnetic field can be analyzed.



Acoustic Analysis Software

The acoustics of aerodynamic noise can be analyzed using SC/Tetra output data.



Structural Analysis Software

Using the output data from scFLOW, SC/Tetra and scSTREAM, structural analysis can include the influence of heat transfer and other fluid interactions.



Thermal Environment Simulation Software

One-Dimensional Analysis Software


The surface temperature distribution is output from the thermal environment simulation software. The output data can be used as boundary conditions for scSTREAM calculation to analyze the distribution of wind velocity and temperature.



Computational load can be reduced by not solving all of the thermo-fluid analysis in three dimensions but using one-dimensional analysis software for some part.


Chemical Reaction Analysis Software

3D CAD Software


Using material property parameters and chemical reaction database of LOGE, coupled analysis with SC/Tetra can be performed. This enables analysis of overall chemical reactions and detailed chemical reactions, which could not be analyzed by SC/Tetra alone.



The direct interface (Launcher) equipped with scSTREAM enables the software to directly load original 3D CAD data.


Optimization Software

Visualization Software


Software Cradle products can be used in conjunction with optimization software for automation and/or optimizing product design.


* Optimus and modeFRONTIER have direct interface with SC/Tetra


Read, visualize and edit FLD data (analysis results file from Software Cradle products) using other visualization software.




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