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Cradle conducts online informational webinars and e-training for its CFD software products to help new users apply these powerful and highly capable CFD software solutions to their design applications. Register for access to one of our on-demand webinars or e-training.

On-Demand Informational Webinars

Applicable Software TitleLengthLevelLanguageFee
SC/Tetra / scFLOW SmartBlades Introduction20 minsInformationalEnglishNo Charge
  Automated Cerebral Aneurysm Analysis20 minsInformationalEnglishNo Charge
scSTREAM scSTREAM for Architecture - At a Glance30 minsInformationalEnglishNo Charge
PICLS PICLS - At a Glance20 minsInformationalEnglishNo Charge

On-Demand E-Training

Applicable Software TitleLengthLevelLanguageFee
SC/Tetra SC/Tetra 10130 minsBeginnerEnglishNo Charge
scSTREAM scSTREAM 10135 minsBeginnerEnglishNo Charge
  Scattering of Spray Paint Particles Inside a Naturally Ventilated Building55 minsIntermediateEnglishNo Charge
scSTREAM / HeatDesigner scSTREAM for Electronics 10135 minsBeginnerEnglishNo Charge
SC/Tetra, scFLOW, scSTREAM and HeatDesigner Basics of CFD 50 mins Beginner English No Charge